Psychological services Psychoth

Psychological services

Psychotherapies with:

  • Adults - individual therapy and couples

Psychotherapeutic services for adults maybe on an individual or couple basis, depending on the nature of the problem. Psychotherapy begins with an assessment period of 3-4 sessions, in which the aim is to try to understand the person and his/her problems. The duration and frequency of psychotherapy sessions vary according to the nature of the presenting problem.

Reasons for Referrals
Psychotherapy may be indicated in cases of stress derived from intra- or interpersonal issues. For example, emotional problems may arise from daily living experiences, from problems at the work place, or from problems in close relationships.

Presenting problems may be...

  • Situational problems (like divorce, grief, migration, etc.)
  • Emotional problems (like sadness, anger, emotional turmoil, etc.)
  • Uneasiness or excessive worries
  • Relationship problems
  • Personality problems
  • Eating problems
  • Dealing with chronic disease

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  • Children and family therapy

Assessment, guidance, and psychotherapeutic services are provided for children’s developmental, psychological, behavioral and academic problems.

Presenting problems may be...

  • Sleep
  • Eating
  • Loss
  • Divorce
  • School refusal
  • Anxiety, fears,
  • Behavior problems
  • Peer relations
  • Sibling relations
  • Chronic disease
  • Adoption
  • Abuse
  • Attention problems
  • Academic problems

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Individual therapy with adolescent

Problems such as feeling different, feeling left out, depression, anxiety, and self-harm are frequently seen during adolescence. Individual psychotherapy and group psychotherapy is provided for adolescents.

Frequent reasons of referral:

  • Family relations
  • Peer relations
  • Physical illness
  • School problems and test anxiety
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    Employee assistance program (EAP)

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    People with chronic illnesses - therapies aimed at providing psychological support for the individual and those close to them